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Raised Creative

hollywood film & video production

I sorta “grew up” on movie sets. Learning how to be a top-notch Hollywood pro, and then being one, is training like no other. Teams in corporate America, big or small, could learn a lot from how a movie is made.

Like everyone else in Hollywood, I wrote screenplays. They clock in at around 120 pages and take 2 years or so to complete. Writing BMPs, blogs, content, marketing plans, and strategies is cake compared to writing screenplays. 

Behind the camera on feature film production, I was a dolly grip for:

Phedon Papamichael

Wally Pfister

Janusz Kamiński

fun highlights

Best boy grip on the first season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

I was a gaffer on the first HD movie, Frank Capra’s American Dream

I sold a script and was immediately asked to go away. I called mine”Fed Ex Outta Turkey.” They called theirs “Three Kings.” Here’s the director telling the story of how it got made. No, my name is not mentioned.

Video cameraman for Court TV during the OJ Simpson Civil Trail verdict.

Scripts Written

Scripts Optioned

Scripts Sold


Worth It?

Ageny & Broadcast

Two Radio Spots

“The tagline alone was well worth the investment into our brand. “The Next Great American Achievement” captures the scope, urgency and emotional charge of our mission.”

Alex Young – Executive Director – All Children First Foundation

creative brand marketing Director

Dave Barbush

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